Pixie (wingednothing) wrote,

A letter that I would like to send.

To the individual, or individuals, who broke into my car last night,

First, I'd like to say that I'm sorry that you feel as though you have to steal other people's belongings. Whether you feel as though it is fun, or the money you get from selling my things will get you and your children through till tomorrow, I'm sorry that you are in such a position. I hope that whatever money you may get from a handfull of cds and a fairly nice cd playering will go to worthwhile causes, and being able to feed yourself is indeed a worthwhile cause. If the money goes instead to alcohol or drugs, I'm even sorrier, because I know what a demon those substances are to many people, and I hope you find the courage and mental stamina to break its hold on you.

Second, I'd like to say thank you for not stealing all of my cds. I realize that I ferret them away in odd spots, but I appriciate the fact that you left my favorite cds. You got the one that was in the player, The Return of the Kind Soundtrack, but since it was a burned copy, I'm sure I can ask Bryan to make me another one. And after all, since you can't sell that one, hopefully you'll be able to enjoy listening to it as much as I have.

Third, again, I thank you. I spent the ride to work sitting in a medatative silence. I had forgotten how much relaxation there could be in something as simple as being lost in your own thoughts, instead of lost in music. I was able to truly breath in my car for the first time in a long time, and not have it be to some base, primal beat.

I hope this letter finds you in good health, and happier, knowing that you have taken something which does not belong to you. Because if you can't even be happy for doing it, why bother?

Yours Truly,
Heather, owner of
The black, 1998 Toyota Corrolla.
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