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I swear to your god....

Someone posted that ^ on the BBS I'm kick around on, and I nearly died. I don't think anyone else has caught it yet.

Today was a trip. A busy trip. My check from Uncle Sam cleared. I discovered this when I went to withdraw some money for a trip to the thrift store.

"Wait a tick, since when do I have that much money in my account?"

Follow by cheering and woo-hooing in the parking lot the atm is located in.

Trip to said thrift store. This place is great. Every monday, they pick a tag colour. Everything with that tag colour is 50 cents. And some of it is nice stuff too. So I picked up some suitable summer work clothes, since I have practicially nothing that's good for warm weather and the semi-buisness attire of my job.

I also finally did something to my hair that I've been debating for months.

And I took pictures of it with the digital camera I managed to pick up for under 20 bucks.

If you don't want to see it until I see you next, don't bother with the link, just keep reading. Or, if curiousity kills the cat....


Otherwise, things are quiet. I tried to play FFX again, but realized belatedly that I am missing one crucial part of playing any PS2 game.

A functional memory card.

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