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Today For You

I spent nearly a half an hour typing up a post. It filled in on the events of the last few months, work, house hunting with Michele, delays in house hunting with Michele, Rowan, cell phones, stars, king sized beds, a particular 1982 bourdeux, New York and advil.

I deleted it because I sound like the only things that ever happen drag me down. That isn't the case. Sometimes I just get so wrapped up on what isn't going right, that I forget the things that could be so much worse.

Things are going alright. Even being in limbo.

It's been a year. Just a little more.

I've cried more this year than I have ever cried before. I've also smiled more than I ever thought possible, laughing louder and harder at it all. I have been happier, sadder, more wonder-filled, distant, immediate, more hopeful, more helpless, more independant, more in need of support, more stressed, more creative than I have ever been in any period of my life. I have, at the same time, never been more dead and more alive than I am right this moment.

This may or may not be a re-entrance into the world at large. We'll see. But I am always here.

Tomorrow for me.
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