Pixie (wingednothing) wrote,


It's been.... nine months? More? Since I've even logged in here. I supose that everyone comes back sooner or later. Life has been.... more than I've been able to handle for a while, and I'm learning how to be human again. I cope with things by sinking into an anti social haze, and only a small handful of people (Damn you and thank you Snooch and Seath), have kept my head above water. Not an excuse, not a good reason, but I forgot how to be people for awhile.

I didn't realize that my New Years resolution was to gain and maintain better contact with those I consider my friends, even if I haven't been there for anyone in far too long since today. We'll start this is a tentative hello, that I'm an ass, and that I've missed some of you a great deal.
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