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That being said... and thank you Bryan for the webcomic that I've stolen the title from.

Things have been absolutely nutty.

And I'm tired and cold. I don't want to be here. I want two or three days where nothing messed up happens and I can have a vacation from everything.

So, here's the story.

Heather is working by herself on saturday night. About two minutes to close, a gentleman comes in, asks about a product. The clerk brings him to it when the door dings again and another woman and her daughter enter. Man stays for only a few moments after they come in. Heather is confused, since she told him he didn't have to rush, she'd hold off closing until he was done looking. She speaks with the woman and her daughter for a few mintues, heading back up to the registers. The gentleman is hanging out outside the door for that time, then sticks his head back in to ask what the store hours were tomorrow. Heather replies, then looks back at the woman with a smile as he leaves. She has a worried expression on her face, and asks Heather, "Do you know that man?"

"No, I don't."

"Because he matches the description of the serial rapist that's been hitting stores where only one female clerk is working."

So she hangs out for a few more minutes, and Heather locks the door behind her.

Ok, enough of the third person.

I get home, talk to Barb, then call the police. I spent about an hour on the phone with them, giving a description, answering questions, and talking to the officer on duty. They told me to not be alone in the store the next day and that they would be sending people by to check up on me.

Nick finds the FBI site with info on the bugger. And lo, two of the sketches from his vics look eerily familiar. Just lose about ten pounds and they could have been him.

So yesterday I called in some favors and people hung out at the store with me. Nothing happened, no one showed up. Which is good. Nick thinks though that if he's going to show, he'll come later this week, probably next sunday.

So what am I doing? Making sure as fuck that no one is ever here alone anymore. We've been so understaffed that I've been pulling at least two closings a week alone and I've been working sundays alone for something like the last five months. So this is changing. Shayla's talking about just beating the crap out of the guy if he shows, but I keep trying to impressing on her that heros are not what we want. I'm a little worried that she'll try something stupid if he does show up. He's been known to carry a gun.

You know what Shalya asked when I said that? "So it's just a little gun that won't kill you?"

ANy gun can kill you. I am not willing to play this game, and if it means never having her close, period, forget about if she's alone or not, then so be it. I don't trust not to do something stupid because she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips.

I'm done for now. I still have work to do.

I'm just so freakin' tired.
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